ACTA releases Consumer Involvement in Clinical Trials Consultation Report

Topics:Consumer Engagement

Consumer involvement in research, particularly clinical trials, is growing in Australia. Increasing numbers of consumers – patients and members of the general public – are working with researchers at organisational and individual trial levels.  

Involvement isn’t limited to participating in a clinical trial, with more consumers choosing to work in active partnership with researchers to identify healthcare needs, design research projects and help researchers understand how to change healthcare services to suit patients better.  

In 2018 ACTA’s Consumer Engagement Reference Group conducted national consultations with clinical trial networks, co-ordinating centres, triallists and consumers in order to understand more about consumer involvement across the investigator-led research sector.  

We have just released a report of our findings, the ACTA Consumer Involvement in Clinical Trials Consultation Report providing an overview of how consumers become involved with clinical trial networks or research organisations, and how consumers work with researchers across a wide range of clinical trial and research-based activities.

We found the investigator-led clinical trial sector engages and highly values consumers involvement, but needs more support need to sustain these important partnerships. 

This report demonstrates consumer involvement in clinical trials is highly valued across the research sector and opportunities exist to strengthen and foster these collaborative partnerships in the future. 

You can find the report in our resources area alongside other resources for Clinical Trial Networks, Clinical Trial Co-ordinating Centres and Clinical Quality Registries.