Clinical Quality Registries Special Interest Group

Strengthening ACTA’s support for registries and enabling engagement between registries and the clinical trials community

The Clinical Quality Registries Special Interest Group is Co-Chaired by Prof Stephen McDonald, ANZDATA Registry executive and renal physician, and Prof Susannah Ahern, Head, Clinical Outcomes data Reporting and Research Program (CORRP), and Principal Investigator for a number of Registries at Monash University.


To support and enhance a community of practice for Clinical Quality Registries in Australia.

Our purpose

  • Support the professional development needs of the CQR sector
  • Explore continuous improvement opportunities and drive best practice to develop profile of registry science
  • Provide a forum for promotion and advocacy of CQRs
  • Develop a collegial, collaborative community of CQR experts

Our activities

ACTAs CQR SIG is working to deliver a full programme of activities that will deliver on the mission and objectives of the special interest group. Over the last 12 months the CQR SIG has held a number of webinars that have featured speakers from within the Australian Government, including those who lead policy development for sector together with subject matter experts. In late 2022, the SIG was responsible for convening the inaugural Australian Registry ASM (‘The Value of Registries in Challenging Times’) which attracted key opinion leaders from across the sector. The ASM provided a unique opportunity for dissemination of best practices and enabled networking between leaders from disease and discipline specific registries. The SIG is currently engaged in reviewing sector specific consultations including the review of the Healthcare Identifiers Framework project and the revised CQR Framework. In 2023 the SIG will deliver another national meeting and will seek to further development of best practices across the 70 CQRs represented in this SIG. For further information or to request membership please contact Michael on

  • The group will be convening the Australian Registry ASM in 2023

12 October 2022
CQR SIG webinar – Evidence and approaches to the health economic evaluation of clinical quality registries.
Presented by: Prof Danny Liew and Dr Ella Zomer
Download the slide deck – Prof Danny Liew
Download the slide deck – Dr Ella Zomer


New paper
Realising the potential: leveraging clinical quality registries for real world clinical research
Med J Aust 2022; 216 (6): . || doi: 10.5694/mja2.51443
View online at MJA
Download a PDF

20 July 2022
CQR SIG webinar – Data Availability and Transparency (Consequential Amendments) Act 2020
Presented by: Dr Phillip Gould
Download the slide deck


April 2022
An introduction to the Norwegian Registry for Spine Surgery (NORspine) – a well-established, mature registry set up in 2007.
Presented by: Prof Tor Ingebrigtsen from the Norwegian Registry for Spine Surgery
Presented at: Monash University
View a webinar recording

Group Leadership

  • Prof Stephen McDonald
  • Prof Susannah Ahern

Board Sponsors

  • Prof John Zalcberg
  • Prof Christopher Reid