Statistics in Trials Interest Group (STInG)

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ACTA STInG is a group of more than 150 statisticians and clinicians with an interest in statistics in clinical trials. The group aims to promote the practice and recognition of the importance of statistics within clinical trials, and provides a forum to improve the statistical quality of investigator-initiated clinical trials within Australia through enhanced collaboration and networking among trial statisticians.

  • To improve the quality of clinical trials within Australia by strengthening links among trial statisticians.
  • To maintain a structured support network for trial statisticians across Australia, within which different centres provide specialist support for particular trial designs or clinical areas.
  • To work with ACTA to increase recognition and advocate within the research community (including ethics committees and with the NHMRC) for the importance of professional statistical support in the conduct of trials.
  • To promote collaborative research among trial statisticians in clinical trial design and analysis.
  • To promote professional standards of statistics in trials and where possible harmonise attitudes to the practice of statistics in clinical trials settings within Australia.
  • To facilitate a strategy for training and mentoring future generations of trial statisticians within Australia.

The executive committee of this group is very engaged and meets frequently to advance the initiatives of the group. ACTA STInG has no activity funding, so the group works through in-kind support and voluntary coordination.


STInG members are invited to view two online directories: the find a statistician directory that include details of statisticians who may be available for support and collaboration on specific topics within trial design and analysis, with the aim of proving a support network for statistician, and a DSMB directory which provides a list of statisticians who may be willing to be on a Data and Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB) 

DSMB mentoring program

STInG have established a mentoring program to facilitate and support training for statisticians in the role of a DSMB statistician. Through this program, statisticians wishing to gain experience in DSMBs are paired with an experienced statistician and shadow their role on a DSMB.


If you would like to become a member of ACTA STInG, please fill out this form.

As a member of STInG, you are participating in a community of practice for statisticians working in trials and have access to

  • Our regular webinars, providing useful professional development opportunities
  • Annual members meetings, where we provide an update on STInG initiatives and ask for your input in contributing to our goal of improving the statistical quality of clinical trials in Australia
  • Our discussion forum, providing an outlet to seek advice from other statisticians and contribute to the discussion on tricky trial issues
  • Network with and seek support from other statisticians via the Find a Statistician directory
  • Our DSMB directory to help identify potential statisticians to serve on DSMBs for your trials
  • Our DSMB mentoring scheme as a mentor or mentee to provide or seek training in serving on a DSMB 

Trials considered for the ACTA STInG Award will be collaboratively developed, multicentre, investigator-driven, randomised controlled trials that were designed to improve patient-centred outcomes or healthcare delivery. Nominated trials are reviewed by an expert panel of statisticians convened by the ACTA Statistics in Trials Interest Group (ACTA STInG) for the ACTA STInG Excellence in Trial Statistics Award 

Our 2024 ACTA STInG Award winner

The BRACE Trial

  • Lead Statistician: Ms Francesca Orsini
    Chief Investigator: Prof Nigel Curtis
  • Network or investigator group: Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, in collaboration with Melbourne Children’s Trials Centre
  • The trial was a global study that looked at whether the BCG vaccine could also help protect healthcare workers from COVID-19. 
  • View the SAP


Our 2023 ACTA STInG Award winner

The ASCOT Trial

  • Chief Investigator: Prof Steven Tong
  • Network or investigator group: Australasian Society of Infectious Diseases Clinical Research Network
  • The trial addressed a critical gap in the evidence or a significant innovation in healthcare delivery.
  • View the SAP
  • View the protocol


Our 2022 ACTA STInG Award winner

The PADDI Trial

  • Chief Investigator: Prof Tomás Corcoran
  • Network or investigator group: Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists
    (ANZCA) Clinical Trials Network
  • This trial presented that dexamethasone can be safely administered to patients to
    prevent nausea and vomiting when undergoing surgery, without concern about wound
  • View the SAP


Our 2021 ACTA STInG Award winner

The PEPTIC Trial

  • Chief Investigator: Prof Andrew Forbes
  • Network or investigator group: ANZICS Clinical Trials Group (Australian and New Zealand Intensive Care Society)
  • This trial studied the effect of stress ulcer prophylaxis with proton pump inhibitors vs. Histamine-2 receptor blockers on in hospital mortality among ICU patients with invasive mechanical ventilation
  • View the SAP


Our 2020 ACTA STInG Award winner


  • Chief Investigators: Prof Ian Davis and Prof Christopher Sweeney
  • Network or investigator group: ANZUP Cancer Trials Group
  • The ENZAMET trial was designed to test whether survival of men with metastatic prostate cancer could be improved even further by adding enzalutamide to hormone therapy right at the beginning of treatment, instead of waiting for the cancer to grow after prior hormone treatment.
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Group Leadership

  • Prof Katherine Lee (Co-Chair)
  • Prof Andrew Forbes (Co-Chair)

Board Sponsors

  • Prof Katherine Lee

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