Statistics in Trials Interest Group (STInG)

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ACTA STInG is a group of more than 100 statisticians and clinicians with an interest in statistics in clinical trials.

  • To improve the quality of clinical trials within Australia by strengthening links among trial statisticians.
  • To develop a structured support network for trial statisticians across Australia, within which different centres provide specialist support for particular trial designs or clinical areas.
  • To work with ACTA to increase recognition and advocate within the research community (including ethics committees and with the NHMRC) for the importance of professional statistical support in the conduct of trials.
  • To promote collaborative methodological research among trial statisticians in clinical trial design and analysis.
  • To promote professional standards of statistics in trials and where possible harmonise attitudes to the practice of statistics in clinical trials settings within Australia.
  • To develop a strategy for training and mentoring future generations of trial statisticians within Australia.

The executive committee of this group is very engaged and meets frequently to advance its own activities. ACTA STInG also releases an annual newsletter. ACTA STInG has no activity funding, so the group works through in-kind support and voluntary coordination.

If you would like to become a member of ACTA STInG, please fill out this form.

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Group Leadership

  • Prof Katherine Lee
  • Prof Andrew Forbes
  • Ms Sabine Braat
  • Dr Annie Solterbeck
  • Ms Elaine Pascoe
  • Dr Julie Marsh
  • Prof Laurent Billot
  • Dr Lisa Yelland
  • Prof Stephane Heritier

Board Sponsors

  • Prof Steve Webb
  • Prof Chris Reid
  • Ms Leonie Wilcox

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