Innovative Trial Design and the Adaptive Platform Trial Operations Special Interest Group (APTO SIG)

The clinical trials landscape is rapidly evolving, marked by advancements that are reshaping the approaches to medical research. The increased use of innovative trial designs such as Adaptive Platform Trials are making trials more flexible, efficient and responsive to emerging data. In light of these developments, ACTA has established a registry of resources for innovative trial designs, as well as a special interest group dedicated to supporting and advancing these novel methodologies. APTO SIG aims to foster collaboration, share knowledge, and support the implementation of Adaptive Platform Trials to improve the efficiency and quality of clinical trials in Australia.

  • Share common key challenges and opportunities for innovative trial designs, specifically adaptive platform trials
  • Provide and explore best practice knowledge and resource opportunities
  • Explore ways to support and foster growth of the adaptive platform trial operations workforce
  • Develop informative and relevant resources for adaptive platform trial operations teams.


APTO SIG comprises a variety of disciplines across various Adaptive Platform Trials in Australia, from early stages of design through completion. Membership is open to project managers, clinical trial clinicians, registered nurses, data managers, data systems developers and other specialist operational skills, who are currently working on an APT or have significant experience with APTs.

Please email if you would like to join the APTO SIG. The SIG chairs review all requests on a monthly basis.

Group Leadership

  • Arlen Wilcox
  • Roberta Littleford

Board Sponsors

  • Prof Katherine Lee

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