White Coats Foundation: First Power of One Grant Opportunity

ACTA is pleased to support the White Coats Foundation.

As a result of their first Power of One campaign launched in November 2020, the not-for-profit White Coats Foundation is offering a $5,000 grant opportunity for indigenous health programs that are either research for curative medicine and preventive health programs, or programs designed to support consumer and community awareness or engagement in clinical trials. 

The Melbourne-based White Coats Foundation strives to create initiatives that raise awareness of clinical trials and their role in advancing medical science and healthcare. So far they have launched four major initiatives that speak to patients, industry and consumers alike. Spearheaded with a video and launched via social media the Power of One campaign was true to the White Coats Foundation objective of increasing general awareness of the role of clinical trials. The new annual campaign successfully raised enough donations to establish the first Power of One Grant.

For more information about the White Coats Foundation visit their website whitecoatsfoundation.org/ or to find out more about the grant opportunity and apply click here. Applications close 31 March 2021 and successful applicants will be announced in April 2020