Push to Make Clinical Trials More Diverse

Topics:Consumer Engagement

The global race to find a safe COVID-19 vaccine has highlighted the need to include a diverse range of participants in clinical trials. In some cases, researchers developing COVID-19 vaccines extend the enrolment period for their trials to ensure participants reflected the whole community. But what about all the clinical trials for other drugs or healthcare interventions?

In a program on ABC Radio, Nicola Straiton, ACTA Project and Engagement Manager, highlighted the lack of diversity across clinical trials and how this could be limiting our understanding of the effectiveness of these treatments in different populations.

Here in Australia, work is underway to improve clinical trial diversity, better understand how everyone responds to drugs and treatments, and allow fairer access to life-saving therapies. ACTA shares these goals, and we are currently working to ensure that a more diverse cross-section of the community has an awareness of, can be involved with, and has access to clinical trials.

If you are interested in contributing ACTA's projects on trial diversity and consumer involvement, engagement and awareness, please contact us at [email protected].