"PROTEUS" Patient-Reported Outcomes Tools: Engaging Users & Stakeholders

Topics:Innovative Data

ACTA is proud to participate in the PROTEUS Consortium.

The PROTEUS Consortium was formed with the primary goal of ensuring that patients, clinicians, and other decision-makers have patient-reported outcomes (PROs) data from clinical trials to make the best decisions they can about treatment options. To accomplish this goal, the PROTEUS Consortium has partnered with key patient, clinician, research, and regulatory groups from the U.S. and internationally to promote the systematic use of the methodologic tools in clinical trials. These tools were developed to optimise the design, analysis, reporting, and interpretation of PROs in clinical trials.

Current tools and resources include:

  • Writing PRO protocols
  • Selecting PRO measures
  • Analyzing PRO data
  • Reporting PRO findings
  • Graphically Displaying PRO Data
  • Interpreting PRO Papers

New tools and resources will be added to the page in early 2021.

Find out more by visiting the PROTEUS website: www.TheProteusConsortium.org

ACTA is grateful to the Principal Investigators Prof Claire Snyder, and Prof Michael Brundage, and the PROTEUS Steering Committee for the opportunity to participate in this project and to Prof Madeleine King, Prof Christobel Saunders AO, and Prof Christopher Reid for representing ACTA on the Consortium.