PaCCSC publishes first research report

The Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative (PaCCSC) Australia announced the release of its first Research Report 2006-2014 at its recent Annual Research Forum.

The report details the eight-year journey of PaCCSC from inception in 2006 through to current activities in 2014. Information on the clinical research studies, results and achievements of the Collaborative are all contained in the report.

In his foreword PaCCSC Chief Investigator, Professor David Currow,  acknowledged the dedication and enthusiasm of a large number of clinicians from right across Australia  "....Their drive and absolute dedication to improving the care of patients generates the energy and momentum to maintain PaCCSC and the work that it is doing."

ACTA congratulates PaCCSC on the publication of this report and the outstanding record of research achievement it describes.

A PDF copy of the Research Report copy can be downloaded from the PaCCSC webpage