NSW Health COVID-19 Research Grants


Supporting the NSW response to the COVID-19 pandemic

The Program has been designed to ensure that research results are obtained as quickly as possible to directly support the NSW Health response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 research program will facilitate public health research, rapid diagnostics, clinical trials and trialling new vaccines. It will also support social, behavioural and mental health research, and health systems responsiveness.

There will be two rounds of funding. Round one funding will be allocated to an initial rapid funding round with shorter application and review timeframes. This initial round will focus on research topics that address key COVID-19 response needs. This funding round has been developed for projects that are ready to commence shortly and require rapid funding.

Round two funding will be reserved for a second round of proposals requiring a longer development period. This round will encompass a broader range of topic areas that have been identified as important to support patients, health care workers, the community and the health system in responding to COVID-19.

Funding will be available for existing and new research projects. Applications submitted for the first round but not funded may be reconsidered in the second round depending on alignment with research topics. Applicants in this category will be offered an opportunity to revise their proposal if required.

Applications will be peer reviewed against the eligibility and selection criteria in accordance with the process detailed in the COVID-19 Research Grants guidelines.

Find out more information about the grant here.