ACTA encouraging and enabling consumer attendance at clinical trials sector events

Topics:Consumer Engagement

You’ll be reading this because you are more or less immersed in the investigator-initiated clinical trials sector zeitgeist. And that means you know that we should be doing everything we can to involve consumers in clinical trial design, communication, governance and the rest. After all, what and who are our their clinical trials for? We’ll leave that as a rhetorical cliff-hanger and let you know that ACTA is very much on this case.

At the forthcoming ACTA Summit, for example, we have made available a number of assisted (free) consumer registrations, and consumer members of our Strengthening Consumer Engagement Reference Group will be participating at the event.

If you are a professional clinical trialist and coming to the Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to listen to consumers’ ideas, answer consumers’ questions, and ask for their advice.

ACTA is grateful to all consumers working with us on our clinical trials sector-boosting Activity Plan. We can’t, shan’t and won’t do it without you!