Workshops and Virtual Clinics on Adaptive Platform Trials

The Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) together with ACTA STInG and the AusTriM research network, have and are continuing to provide training opportunities in APTs:

  • ACTA in-person Adaptive Platform Trials Workshop, held as part of ACTA’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Adelaide, on 7th Nov 2022. This workshop was over-subscribed and highly successful, demonstrating the immense demand and popularity in this area of innovative trial designs. Please see the workshop agenda here. A post workshop summary can be found here.
  • Adaptive Platform Trials Virtual Clinic Series: Five sessions have been planned for 2023 consisting of a 1 hr virtual meeting (2 presentations per meeting, 15min presentation + 15min discussion per presenter) where each presenter will receive live feedback from a panel of experts in the field of adaptive platform trials. These clinics are aimed to build a community of learning and increase understanding on the proper utilisation of these innovative trial designs, particularly targeted at groups who are considering or planning an adaptive platform trial (early stages is preferable).

There are 5 planned sessions on the following dates:

  • Thursday 9th March 2023 3-4 pm AEDT: Presentations by Dr Jessica Schults (IVCare study); Dr Brendan Smyth (SEISMIC Study). Presenter bios.
  • Thursday 11th May 2023 3-4 pm AEDT: Presentations by Prof Simon Craig (ED Asthma study); Dr Sradha Kotwal (CAPTIVATE Study) Presenter bios.
  • Thursday 13th July 2023 3-4.30 pm AEDT: Presentations by A/Prof Paul Lee-Archer (The BAT Trial), A/Prof Elliot Long (PASSPORT study). Presenter bios.
  • Thursday 14th September 2023 3-4.30 pm AEDT
  • Thursday 9th November 2023 3-4 pm AEDT : Presenter Prof Dan Siskind – SWiMS – Schizophrenia, Weight, Metformin and Semaglutide. Presenter bio.

Please note, these clinics will be recorded. If you would like to present, please send ACTA an email at detailing your adaptive platform trial (3-4 lines), and we will be in contact.

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