Webinar recording: Adaptive Platform Trial Virtual Clinic

Presented by A/Prof Paul Lee-Archer on the BAT Trial and A/Prof Elliot Long on the PASSPORT Trial.

The BAT Trial aims to answer what is the best anaesthesia for tonsillectomy. An adaptive platform trial will be used to allow the comparison of multiple interventions that can enter and leave the platform based on predetermined criteria. There are many interventions that require comparison and multiple subgroups of patients and surgical techniques. This study is in early planning phases and identifying the feasibility of a platform adaptive trial for this clinical question, and appropriateness of the outcome measure, was looked at in the APT Virtual Clinic.

The PASSPORT Trial is an adaptive platform trial that will evaluate multiple interventions for paediatric sepsis and adapt interventions and participant allocations over time based on accrued data. The aim of PASSPORT is to identify the effect of a range of interventions to improve sepsis outcomes in children.

90% of attendees reported that the virtual meeting improved their awareness and understanding of innovative trial designs in clinical trials to a moderate or great extent.

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Adaptive Platform Trial Virtual Clinic

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