Implementability Super Webinar

Topics:CTN Impact & Implementation

On Tuesday 11 February 2020 ACTA held its biggest webinar to date—the Super Webinar to disseminate and open communication around a guidance document ACTA has created to guide trialists towards optimising their trials for implementation and implementability.

The Super Webinar was held concurrently at eight live locations in capital cities across Australia and New Zealand. It was hosted and facilitated at each site by members of ACTA’s Reference Group on the Impact and Implementation of CTN Clinical Trials.

This event commenced with a one-hour webinar presentation followed by an hour of peer-to-peer discussion. You can now view the video of the super webinar.

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Implementability Super Webinar

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Implementability Super Webinar recorded on 11 February 2020. Presented by Prof Steve Webb.

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