CQR Webinar: Enhancing Healthcare through Quality Registries & Digital Health


This webinar presentation was aimed at providing valuable insights into the evolving landscape of healthcare quality and digital health in Australia, emphasising the importance of data-driven improvements and technological advancements in delivering high-quality care.

Presentation 1: Australian Framework for National Clinical Quality Registries – what does the 2024 Framework say about your registry? by Suchit Handa.

Suchit is the Director of Safety and Quality Improvement Systems for the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care. Suchit has extensive experience working as a professional rural and metropolitan hospital executive, with a focus on using data to drive quality improvement.

Presentation 2: Digital Health supporting modern and connected healthcare by Jen Zacny.

Jen is Director of Digital Health Strategy at the Australian Department of Health and Aged Care. Jen is responsible for the strategic planning and coordination for the Australian Government investment in digital health initiatives, as well as ensuring strategic alignment and oversight of key national digital health policy initiatives.