Consumer involvement in clinical trials: ethics committee members and research governance personnel training webinar – an overview

Topics:Consumer Engagement

The purpose of the webinar was to build awareness and capacity for HREC members, research governance personnel and their organisations, to effectively review, support and further implement consumer involvement activities in clinical trials. The webinar was facilitated by ACTA, with content developed and delivered by Tanya Symons and Anne McKenzie AM.

The webinar content aims to:

  • Raise awareness of the value and contribution consumers and the community can make when involved as active partners in clinical research activities.
  • Develop understanding and skills on the ‘how and why’ of implementing consumer and community involvement in clinical trials.
  • Develop an understanding and capability to start working in partnership with researchers and consumers to support and implement involvement activities in clinical trials.

The webinar also provides an overview of the Consumer Involvement and Engagement Toolkit, developed by ACTA and CT:IQ, describing how the resources within this platform can be used to support researchers and organisations seeking to further embed consumer involvement within their activities.

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