Business Review of CTNs

Topics:Efficient & Effective CTNs

The scope of this project involved a business review of six Clinical Trial Networks (CTNs) and the following specific objectives:

– Efficiency and sustainability – what are the opportunities for improved efficiency/sustainability including through and increased scale or capacity?
– Collaboration – what are the opportunities for shared services to increase scale or capacity?
– Development and growth – what is the potential impact and associated costs if a CTN had greater scale or capacity?
– Performance and innovation – what are CTNs doing well and what learnings could be applied to the greater network?

ACTA will be exploring the strategic opportunities identified in the report in future program activities.

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Business Review of Clinical Trial Networks

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A business review of six Clinical Trial Networks (CTNs) to identify existing and new opportunities for:

  • Efficiency and sustainability
  • Collaboration
  • Development and growth
  • Performance and innovation

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