Welcome to the new Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care

ACTA is delighted to see the appointment of The Hon Mark Butler MP as the Federal Minister for Health and Aged Care. During Minister Butler's prior role as the Shadow Minister for Health and Ageing, and during his previous tenure as the Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, he has spoken of the rise in Australia's complex healthcare demands and his desire to see a more dynamic healthcare system. He has also been a supporter of the growth and expansion of clinical research in Australia and was part of the Clinical Trials Action Group (CTAG) during his time as the Parliamentary Secretary for Health. Minister Butler has also shared his commitment to the entire healthcare landscape to ensure that rural and regional Australians, and indeed all Australians, have equal access to quality healthcare.

ACTA looks forward to working with Minister Butler and we hope to soon have an opportunity to discuss the important role that ACTA's members have in advancing Australia's healthcare system and improving patient care through our vision of better health through best evidence.