Sustainability; engagement; infrastructure: critical for the success of Clinical Trial Networks

Topics:Efficient & Effective CTNs

Following a sector consultation of Clinical Trial Networks (CTNs), ACTA has established the three elements crucial to network success are sustainability, engagement and infrastructure.

This report highlights opportunities for the CTNs by providing a framework for success and helping to shape best practice within the sector.

Sustainability encompassed responsiveness to a changing environment, timely publication of trials, and building and maintaining reputation and brand.

An engaged membership was identified as the key quality to promote a culture of research, passion and goodwill—uniting members with a clear mission and vision. As CTNs are often run 90% on the goodwill of their clinician-researcher members, a positive culture and a strong leader were identified as driving forces of an engaged membership.

An established infrastructure was the third key theme identified in the report. Strong organisational structure, an organised and engaged Executive Officer, and the prioritisation of research including peer-review and trial endorsement guidelines, were mentioned as fundamental to the infrastructure of networks.

Access the report here.