Optimising the value of clinical trials – impact and implementation forum

Topics:CTN Impact & Implementation

We know that clinical trials can provide the highest quality evidence about the effectiveness of healthcare interventions. We know, too, that health outcomes improve when trial results are implemented into actual clinical practice.

In that spirit, ACTA’s Impact & Implementation of CTN Trials Reference Group is hosting a forum tailored to trialists involved in protocol design and optimising evidence uptake in Australia’s healthcare system.  The forum will include a keynote presentation from leading international implementation scientist, Professor Jeremy Grimshawwhose research focuses on the evaluation of interventions to disseminate and implement evidence-based practice. There will also be presentations on trials and implementation from the crucial perspective of policy-makers and research funders. During the latter half of the day we will showcase the work of selected CTNs work in measuring impact and enhancing implementation, identifying elements of trial design and conduct that enhance implementability.
  • The event will run all day 28 August in Melbourne
  • Registration: here