Call for new Members for ACTA’s Reference Groups


Year two of ACTA’s Activity Plan has come to a close, and we are turning our attention to the final year of funding under the Medical Research Future Fund. We have just released our Year 3 Activity Plan—an ambitious and exciting program of work. You can view the plan in the Resource area of the ACTA website. 

ACTA continues to work across eight key program areas, all led by reference groups:

• Efficient and Effective CTNs
• CTN Sector Expansion
• Impact and Implementation of CTN trials
• Embedding Clinical Trials in Healthcare
• Strengthening Consumer Engagement in Developing, Conducting and Reporting Clinical Trials
• Research Prioritisation: Tools and Criteria
• Innovative Trial Design
• Innovative Outcome Data

In addition, we have three Special Interest Groups:

• ACTA STinG – Statistics in Trials Interest Group
• ACTA SIGNet – Network Managers Group
• ACTA Registries Special Interest Group

We are extremely grateful to the many ACTA Community members who contribute to our Reference and Special Interest Groups. With the launch of the Year 3 Activity Planwe are looking for new Members who are committed to progressing clinical trials and medical research within Australia and can lend their expertise to the work of our Reference and Special Interest Groups. If this sounds like you, or if you’d like to learn more about how to become a Reference Group Member, please contact us for more information.