ACTA welcomes new $5 million grant from the MRFF


The Australian Clinical Trials Alliance (ACTA) has been granted $5 million over four years through the Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF) to continue delivering its vision of ‘Better health through best evidence’.

The MRFF 2020 Enhancing Clinical Trials Network Capabilities Grant, will ensure ACTA’s continued support of the clinical trials sector, including its Trial Networks, Clinical Quality Registries and Clinical Trial Coordinating Centres to facilitate research in emerging health priority areas.

ACTA Chair, Prof John Zalcberg, enthusiastically welcomed the funding announcement.

“We are heartened by the Australian Government’s continued belief in the importance of, and investment in, our clinical trials research, which leads to better outcomes for patients and underpins our high-quality, world-leading health system,” Prof Zalcberg said.

“This second MRFF grant is a testament to the commitment and passion of Australia’s investigator-led clinical trials sector.” 

“We have built strong foundations and are pleased we can continue to work on many new initiatives, including collaboration between investigator-led and industry researchers to deliver even better value to our health system.”

The four-year program, Embedding clinical trials for ‘Better health through best evidence’, will aim to strengthen the capability of the investigator-led sector to embed evidence-based care in the health system.

The program will also aim to increase the number of clinical trial networks across diseases and disciplines as well as increase consumer involvement across the diverse Australian population. ACTA will also work to develop novel and innovative strategies to remove barriers to participation and improve trial recruitment.

ACTA CEO, Ms Simone Yendle said, “We thank Minister Hunt and the Department of Health for their ongoing support.  The new grant will allow us to build on our achievements to date, which have been led and informed by the sector.”

“Through this program of work, ACTA will help to create and sustain a self-learning health system that will make trials faster and easier to establish, but also more accessible and equitable, to ensure more Australians can contribute to and benefit from clinical research.”