ARCS Webinar Series: COVID-19: considerations and strategies for running trials during the pandemic


ARCS is providing a webinar series on the impact of COVID-19 on clinical trials in Australia.

The first webinar, focused on Investigators and Study Coordinators, was held today. ARCS has made the recorded webinar, as well as the presentations from within the webinar and additional questions and answers available on their site.

We distributed notice of the first webinar as soon as it came to our attention. For those who had trouble accessing the webinar due to the number of people registered, we recommend that you access the recording via the link above.

There will be ten webinars altogether in this series run by ARCS:

Go to the ARCS website for more information about the rest of the webinar series and to register

  • Tuesday 31 March: Part 2 – Peak Bodies and the TGA
  • Monday 6 April: Part 3 – Jurisdictions: Federal/States
  • Monday 20 April: Part 4 – Ethics Committees and Governance
  • Tuesday 28 April: Part 5 – Role of Clinical Trial Sponsors
  • Monday 4 May: Part 6 – Academics
  • Monday 11 May: Part 7 – Private Sector
  • Monday 18 May: Part 8 – Pharmacovigilance and Regulatory Affairs
  • Tuesday 25 May: Part 9 – Clinical Trials for COVID-19 Treatment and Prevention
  • Monday 1 June: Part 10 – Trial Participants

Please direct all questions regarding these webinars and its content to: