ACTA's first Industry Roundtable

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ACTA recognises the value of industry-led clinical trials and has identified a need to establish greater engagement between key stakeholders across the full spectrum of clinical trial activity.

In partnership with Medicines Australia, we were pleased to hold our first Industry Roundtable on 27 April 2022.

Facilitated by Prof Nik Zeps from Chrysalis Advisory, the event saw individuals from academia, industry and other sectors come together to explore the ways that these sectors can work more closely for mutual benefit.

The primary outcome was to establish a shared understanding of what stakeholders want from greater collaboration between the sectors and what the key ingredients are to making this happen. The findings from the day will now be used to inform our future work plan that is aimed at making greater collaboration a reality.

We sincerely thank our speakers Prof Carmel Hawley, Dr Lorraine Chantrill, Prof Robyn Clark & Prof Martin Stockler for providing insights into their network achievements, infrastructure and suggestions for future IIT-industry collaboration. We also thank all participants for their insightful contributions and our venue sponsor, the University of Technology Sydney.

This roundtable is the first step in the journey that ACTA will take over the next 3 years as part of its current MRFF funding to develop greater collaboration between its members and Industry partners.