A Significant Project To Optimise Australia’s Clinical Trials


ACTA partner PRAXIS Australia has secured a project and will work in collaboration with the Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care to improve the confidence and capability of the clinical trial workforce in Australia.

PRAXIS has been selected by the Commission to design and develop training for assessors who will review Australian clinical trial sites against the new National Clinical Trials Governance Framework from 2023.

The training will focus on preparing assessors to identify strengths and opportunities and provide sites with the chance to optimise their performance.

As a reputable provider of education and training in the clinical trials sector. PRAXIS Australia has long supported the development of the sector's workforce. Their programs are aligned with the competency frameworks of the Harvard MRCT and NHMRC and help organisations to meet the quality and safety requirements of clinical trial operations.

Learn more about how PRAXIS can support your team with training solutions and help you prepare for these requirements.

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