NSW Health Learn About Clinical Research Project

A digital translation of the National Participant Information Sheet and Consent Form (PICF)

Taking part in clinical (research) studies provides valuable knowledge to help people live healthier and better lives, now and in the future. But not many of us truly understand the study journey or what we need to consider before we take part in a clinical study.

What we did

In 2021, NSW Health partnered with ACTA and Clinical Trials Thinking Smarter CT:IQ to develop a series of participant-centric, educational digital media resources (including videos and digital brochures) to enhance the public’s understanding about the role, process, and value of clinical research.

Our process

During this project we explored four themes often considered by participants prior to taking part in a clinical study, including:

  • What is a clinical study?
  • What is consent?
  • Questions to ask about participating in a clinical study?
  • What are the risks and benefits of taking part in a clinical study?

The outcomes

Learn about clinical studies brochure

Learn about clinical studies video