Innovative Trial Design

As researchers strive to answer more complex research questions they are increasingly turning to more innovative trial designs. The ACTA Innovative Trial Design reference group supports CTNS to transition from the use of conventional trial designs to the use of innovative trial designs, where appropriate.

  • Facilitate the availability, dissemination, uptake, and evaluation of innovative methods of trial design
  • Influence policy and promote the development of shared infrastructure that can support innovative trial design

Recent group activities:

  • Most of the outputs for this group are academic and educational events. In early 2019 this reference group held a number of events as part of the ACTA ‘Summer School’ and also hosted a number of webinars as part of ‘Webinar Wednesday’
  • Summer School events:
    • Introduction to Innovative Trial Designs, one day seminar (SYD)
    • Innovative Trial Design Clinic, half-day (SYD)
    • Adaptive clinical trial designs: theory and hands-on skills development, two-day workshop (SYD, MEL, BNE)
  • Webinars include:
    • Studies Within A Trial (SWAT)
    • Hackathon of trial designs
    • FDA guidance for novel trials (Scott Berry)

Group Leadership

  • Prof Andrew Forbes
  • Prof Stephane Heritier
  • Prof Katherine Lee
  • Dr Annie Solterbeck
  • Prof Steve Webbb


  • Prof Meera Agar
  • Dr Emily Atkins
  • Ms Sabine Braat
  • Prof Allen Cheng
  • Prof Leonid Churilov
  • Prof Philip Clarke
  • A/Prof Anne Cust
  • Prof Andrew Davidson
  • Prof Val Gebski
  • Ms Elizabeth Griffith
  • Dr Shariful Islam
  • Prof Meg Jardine
  • Ms Annette Jones
  • Dr Julie Marsh
  • Dr Colin McArthur
  • Ms Elaine Pascoe
  • Dr Mark Polizzotto
  • Dr Merran Smith
  • A/Prof Steven Tong
  • A/Prof Andrew Udy
  • Dr Rob Weinkove

Project Officer

Ms Aneesha Heranjal

Board Sponsors

  • Prof Chris Reid
  • Prof Rachael Morton

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