Innovative Trial Design

Clinical Trials Networks transition from use of conventional trial designs to use of innovative trial designs, where appropriate

  • Facilitate the availability, dissemination, uptake, and evaluation of innovative methods of trial design
  • Influence policy and promote the development of shared infrastructure that can support innovative trial design

Recent group activities:

  • This group works closely with the Statistics in Trials Interest group (STInG) to deliver projects
  • Most of the outputs for this group are academic and educational events. In early 2019 ‘Summer School’ and ‘Webinar Wednesday’ events were run by the group.
  • Summer School events:
    • Introduction to Innovative Trial Design, one day seminar (MEL)
    • Coding Simulations workshop, half-day (MEL)
    • Introduction to Innovative Trial Design, one day seminar (SYD)
    • Innovative Trial Design Clinic, half-day (SYD)
    • Coding trial simulators, two-day workshop (SYD, MEL, BNE)
  • Webinars include:
    • Studies Within A Trial (SWAT)
    • Hackathon of trial designs
    • Scott Berry on the FDA guidance for novel trials

Recordings of the webinars are available in our resource area.

Group Leadership

  • Prof Andrew Forbes
  • A/Prof S Heritier
  • Prof Rachel Huxley
  • A/Prof Mustafa Khasraw
  • Prof Katherine Lee
  • Dr Annie Solterbeck


  • Prof Meera Agar
  • Dr Emily Atkins
  • Ms Sabine Braat
  • Prof Allen Cheng
  • Prof Leonid Churilov
  • Prof Philip Clarke
  • A/Prof Anne Cust
  • Prof Andrew Davidson
  • Prof Val Gebski
  • Ms Elizabeth Griffith
  • Dr Shariful Islam
  • A/Prof Meg Jardine
  • Ms Annette Jones
  • Dr Julie Marsh
  • Dr Colin McArthur
  • Ms Elaine Pascoe
  • Dr Mark Polizzotto
  • Dr Merran Smith
  • A/Prof Steven Tong
  • A/Prof Andrew Udy
  • Dr Rob Weinkove

Project Officer

Ms Aneesha Heranjal

Board Sponsors

  • Prof Vlado Perkovic
  • Prof Steve Webb