Efficient and Effective Clinical Trial Networks

Aim: To enable Clinical Trial Networks to operate in an effective and efficient manner

  • Identify critical factors to success/failure of networks, unmet needs to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of network
  • Promote linkage between networks and sharing of expertise and tools

Recent group activities:

The Efficient and Effective Clinical Trial Networks Reference Group has been creating a suite of resources and tools for clinical trials networks, based on working documents from successful, mature networks. They can be used off-the-shelf or adapted to suit.

  • CTN Strategic Plan Development
  • CTN Governance Structure
  • CTN Membership Structure
  • CTN Terms of Reference template
  • CTN Executive Officer Duties
  • Activities critical to success and growth of Clinical Trials Networks: Sector consultation

Current group activities:

The group continues to create resources for CTNs and is currently progressing:

  • Trial Safety Oversight
  • Trial Endorsement Procedure
  • Publication and Authorship Policy

Group Leadership

  • Dr Edward Oakley
  • Ms Melanie Gentgall
  • Ms Donna Goldsmith
  • Ms Karen Goulding
  • Dr Kurt Lackovic
  • Ms Donna Reidlinger


  • Ms Linda Brown
  • Dr Julia Chapman
  • Ms Susan Goode
  • A/Prof Katie Groom
  • Prof Paul Komesaroff
  • Prof Henry Ma
  • Prof Maria Makrides
  • Ms Margaret McJannett
  • Ms Elizabeth Paton
  • Prof Timothy Price
  • Ms Helen Ramsay
  • Prof Ralph Stewart
  • Dr Angela Watt
  • Ms Catherine Wilson

Board Sponsors

  • Ms Margo MacGillivray
  • Prof John Zalcberg

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