Clinical Trial Network Sector Expansion

Aim: To support the establishment of efficient, effective, and sustainable Clinical Trial Networks in areas of major importance to public health and the healthcare system.

  • Identify and prioritise areas of need for the establishment of new trial networks
  • Develop and disseminate guidance framework for facilitating the formation of effective, efficient, and sustainable new networks
  • Assist and facilitate the formation of new networks, focusing on areas of need

Recent group activities:

The group has created resources for new clinical trials networks, now available in the resource area of this website.

  • Establishment of New Clinical Trials Networks - Guidance for CTNs
  • Stakeholder Mapping for Emerging CTNs

Current group activities:

The group is developing resources on types of Business Structure and a sector-wide gap analysis to identify areas of need for the establishment of new CTNs.

Group Leadership

  • Prof Alex Brown
  • Dr Jacqui Waterkeyn


  • Prof Jason Abbott
  • Ms Linda Brown
  • Prof Rachelle Buchbinder
  • Ms Ornella Clavisi
  • Ms Julia Fallon‐Ferguson
  • Dr Cecile Francis
  • A/Prof Katie Groom
  • Prof Carmel Hawley
  • Mr Ben Horgan
  • Prof John Kolbe
  • Prof Mark Nelson
  • Dr Toby Richards

Project Officer

Dr Fiona Nemeh

Board Sponsors

  • Prof Christopher Reid
  • Prof Steve Webb