Webinar: Data Safety and Monitoring Boards for Adaptive Trials

The number of clinical trials in Australia that are using adaptive methods is increasing.  

ACTA Innovative Trial Design Reference Group and ACTA STInG leadership group are heavily involved in these trials and are working to ensure that similar professionals remain connected and have access to continuing professional development opportunities.

One of the challenges associated with adaptive trials is ensuring that the Data Safety and Monitoring Board (DSMB) functions effectively.

Investigators who are planning or conducting adaptive trials can benefit from better understanding of the unique role DSMBs play in these trials.

To help address this knowledge gap, ACTA is hosting a webinar in conjunction with Dr Scott Berry and Dr Michelle Detry from Berry Consultants. Scott and Michelle are world-leaders in the design, conduct, analysis and reporting of investigator-initiated as well as commercially sponsored adaptive trials.

The webinar will outline issues associated with composition, role and processes for the DSMB as well as issues related to pre-specifications in the trial protocol, DSMB section of the trial protocol, DSMB charter, statistical analysis team and trial management team.

It is aimed at clinical researchers, clinical trialists and statisticians.

The webinar will wrap up with a Q and A session which will give participants an opportunity to interact with Scott and Michelle. 

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