TransCelerate endorsed GCP training: 10 April


In conjunction with Sophie Mepham GCP, PRAXIS Australia are offering sites and institutions a markedly reduced price webinar based GCP training option. With an influx of new Clinical Trials to test new treatments for COVID-19, there is an increased need to ensure that staff are adequately trained in GCP as a minimum standard. PRAXIS offers a webinar based training platform that can be used by sites and institutions to support their staff and protect the safety and welfare of research participants. These training sessions can be accessed by your staff remotely - from home or wherever they may be.  

These sessions cover the required minimum GCP elements, as articulated by TransCelerate, to provide evidence of compliance with GCP, which is crtiical in these times, as new staff are recuited to help manage an influx of activity and to also ensure your site and institution remain compliant with the minimum requirements. 

Certificates of attainment will be issued to all attendees after each session.