PRAXIS Strategies for patient recruitment, retention and effective communication in clinical trials

As the need for social distancing increases, the number of staff on site in hospitals and other health care settings for non essential care will fall. Research participants will likely be less willing to continue in current studies and the commencement of new studies that aren't Covid-19 related are likely to fall signficantly. As you plan for what to do with your own research,its critical to understand the role of technology for recruiting, enrolling and retaining participants in clinical trials. The usual practices can no longer apply - but how can we adapt what we do now to support us for the future,  given that the timeline of these Covid-19 related impacts remains unclear? This webinar will help you to understand the kinds of small or substantial changes you can adopt today to future proof your studies.   

Facilitator: Simone Spark - Senior Clinical Trials Manager, Monash University and Michelle Gallaher- CEO Opyl

Time: 11am -12midday

Cost: FREE 

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