Improving clinical trial recruitment through innovative technologies

Recruitment targets and timelines are often not met by clinical trial sites in Australia, which can cause lengthy research delays, and can impact the validity of trials. Although there are currently many different innovative technologies available to improve recruitment efficiency, there is a need to better implement these technologies into the organisational structure of healthcare systems by addressing systemic issues that may be barriers for successful implementation and utilisation.

ACTA's work in this space is to increase awareness of new recruitment technologies, and this workshop will include two one-hour panel discussions, moderated by Prof Nik Zeps, which will engage renowned clinical researchers and technology experts in the field. Panel discussions will be on: 

1. Technology implementation and utilisation

2. Evaluating technologies and looking forward

We look forward to your participation in such an important discussion for the clinical trials sector. Your input will be impactful in ACTA's future action plan to support more efficient patient recruitment to clinical trials through technology and digitisation.

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