ACTA STInG - Stata and R Markdown Demonstrations

ACTA STInG is running a two-part webinar series, which aims to provide live demonstrations of the use of Stata and R Markdown using an example of a clinical trial.

The webinars will be held on:

  • Wednesday 15th February, 4 - 5pm AEDT (Topic: Stata)
  • Wednesday 22nd February, 4 - 5pm AEDT (Topic: R Markdown)

*Please note that there are two separate bookings for each webinar. Click the tab below to register for either or both events.

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Webinar One: Stata

Wednesday February 15th- 4-5pm (AEDT)

This 1-hour webinar is designed as an introductory level workshop to guide graduate research students, early-career researchers and health professionals on how to conduct efficient and reproducible clinical research using putdocx in Stata. In this webinar, Anurika will provide a live demonstration, using an example of a clinical trial on creating a report in Microsoft Word containing some typically reported trial outputs such as a table one of baseline characteristics, efficacy tables and figures. All code will be freely available after the webinar.

Presenter- Dr Anurika De Silva

Dr Anurika De Silva is a Biostatistics Research Fellow at the Methods and Implementation Support for Clinical and Health research Hub (MISCH), University of Melbourne. Anurika collaborates with researchers on the design, analysis and reporting of clinical studies, in diverse areas including anaesthesia, cancer, and pain. She leads a program in statistical methods for clinical research, investigating novel methods for missing data in trials affected by COVID-19. Anurika supervises PhD and Master students and is the coordinator for the Master of Public Health course on Biostatistics.

Webinar two: R Markdown

Wednesday February 22nd- 4-5pm (AEDT)

This session will introduce R Markdown as a tool to increase efficiency and reproducibility in statistical analyses and reporting, using an example of a clinical trial.

In this presentation, Kristy will explain and provide a live demonstration on how to create a word document containing R analyses to share with other researchers. This will include how to provide a typical table one of baseline characteristics by treatment and reporting of models and provide figures, using Cox regression and Kaplan Meier curves as an example. All code will be freely available after the webinar.

Presenter- Dr Kristy Robledo

Dr Kristy Robledo is a senior research fellow in Biostatistics at the NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre, University of Sydney. She has over 14 years of experience in clinical research and provides leadership in her role in the design and analysis of large-scale randomised clinical trials in neonatology, cardiovascular and oncology. She also works on statistical methodology, particularly focused on the analysis of biomarker data. She is passionate about sharing and teaching coding, particularly to increase efficiency and reproducibility in clinical trials research.

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