ACTA International Clinical Trial Conference 2019 Videos

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Cockle Bay Room

Thursday 3 October

Plenary 1

9:00 – Minister Hunt’s opening address
9:35 – A Clinician’s View—Prof John Zalcberg OAM
9:45 – Why and how NHMRC supports clinical trials—Prof Anne Kelso AO
10:05 – MRFF perspective—Prof Ian Frazer AC FRS (video not available)

Plenary 2

11:00 – Efficiency and quality by design—Dr Pamela Tenaerts
11:25 – Embedded adaptive clinical trials: A new standard?—Prof Derek C. Angus
11:30 – Evidence-based medicine for rare diseases – a new paradigm—Dr Richard Pazdur


13:30 – RCT approval process – international perspective—Dr Pamela Tenaerts
13:55 – ACSQHC clinical trials governance framework – implications for clinical trials in Australia—Dr Robert Herkes (video not available)
14:20 – The strategy for implementation of the ACSQHC clinical trials governance framework—Dr Bernadette Aliprandi-Costa (video not available)

Plenary 3

15:30 – Trial-only item numbers for the MBS?—Prof Paul Glasziou (video not available)
15:55 – Precision medicine and MSAC – the way forward—Prof Robyn Ward AM
16:20 – Value-based health care: A role for clinical trials—Mr Paul McBride (video not available)

Friday 4 October

Plenary 4

09:35 – Industry and academia; Opportunities for greater partnerships—Dr Anna Lavelle
09:45 – MTP Connect – linking biomedical innovation to clinical trials in Australia—Dr Dan Grant (video not available)
10:00 – New horizons for clinical trials and device registration—Dr John Skerritt (video not available)


11:00 – What roles should consumers have and should any limits apply?—Simon Denegri OBE
11:20 – How to get started and where to look for consumer assistance?—Dr Belinda Kiely and Ms Leslie Gilham
11:35 – Lessons learned from the ANZMUSC experience—Ms Ornella Clavisi (video not available)
11:54 – ACTA ‘Trial of the year Consumer Involvement Award’ winner from the TORPIDO 30/60 trial—Ms Melinda Cruz
11:20 – Question time

Plenary 5

15:45 – The UK Model of consumer engagement in clinical trials—Mr Simon Denegri OBE
16:10 – Consumer prioritisation using the James Lind Alliance method—Prof Jonathan C. Craig
16:35 – A consumer viewpoint of what consumer engagement means—Ms Anne McKenzie AM
17:00 – The consumer ACTA and CT:IQ involvement and engagement toolkit—Ms Anne McKenzie AM and Ms Tanya Symons
17:20 – Plenary 5 question time

Saturday 5 October

Plenary 6

09:00 – A journal perspective—Dr Stuart Spencer (video not available)
09:25 – The bigger picture; From open access to open scholarship—Prof Virginia Barbour
09:50 – An investigator perspective—Prof Barbara Bierer
10:10 – Panel discussion


13:30 – Management of linkage variables in clinical trials—Dr Felicity Flack
13:55 – Clinical quality registries and registry based trials – data protection issues—Prof John McNeil (video not available)
14:20 – Harnessing digital technologies for clinical trial research—Dr Charmaine Tam
14:40 – Panel discussion

Plenary 7

13:30 – Principles of embedding clinical trials in neonatal care—Prof Neena Modi
14:00 – The concept and challenges: An Australian perspective—Prof Nik Zeps
14:20 – Registry-randomised trials as a pathway to embedding—Prof Stephen McDonald (video not available)
14:40 – Panel Discussion
15:00 – Conference wrap-up and close—Prof Anthony Keech