Optimising the Value of Clinical Trials: Impact and Implementation Forum

Researchers from across the health care system came together on 28 August 2018 to consider how clinical trials can boost impact by increasing their, yes, implementability.

Leaders in clinical trials, implementation science and policy, including Canada’s Prof Jeremy Grimshaw and Australia’s Profs Davina Ghersi, Sally Green, Tammy Hoffman, Christopher Levi and  Andrew Wilson, shared perspectives on the vital information that clinical and policy decision makers need from clinical trials to make results implementable.

The Forum ranged over contextualising trial results within evidence synthesis, pragmatic information about implementation in practice, and all-important cost-effectiveness. Colleagues from a wide range of Clinical Trials Networks (CTNs) showcased innovative examples of trials working in partnership with health service providers, evidence synthesisers and guideline developers to make their information more usable and to increase the likelihood of meaningful impact. 

Breakout workshop sessions brought all participants into the conversation, discussing actionable ways for CTNs to support implementability and how CTNs may have a role in measuring impact. 

The Forum was part of an ongoing ACTA project to gather good practice guidance and practical advice to support CTNs and other trialists in tackling these issues. 

If you weren’t able to attend (and click here if you didn’t know about the Forum) you will soon be able to access the presentations on the ACTA Website. We’ll let you know when they are online, so stay tuned for that and for news of more than 20 clinical trials sector-strengthening events ACTA has in the pipeline.